JITW is a group of skiers and snowboarders who make videos together while keeping the fun at the heart of what we do. Watch out for us this year, we are looking to make an impact.

The Filmers

Devin Cutter

info to come

Email: dcutter1003@gmail.com

Vimeo: click here

Youtube:click here

Visit us on Strap'd Up click here

The Crew

Mitch Reynolds - Snowboard

Emerson Doty -Ski

Drake Cutter -Snowboard

Nathan Boule- Snowboard

Tyler Redes - Snowboard

Cyrus Lyons - Snowboard

Gillan Doty - Ski

Anthony Prochillo - Snowboard

Bryan Fusco

info to come

Email: bryanjohnfusco@gmail.com

Vimeo: click here

Youtube: click here

Spenser Cook  - Ski

Mikey Lundsted - Snowboard

Joe LaCourse  - Ski

Shawn Broderick - Snowboard

Jake Sebert - Snowboard

Andy Boule - Ski

Site under construction, more coming soon...

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