JITW Productions, blowin up

Sunshine is Fine Temps in the mid 60s are cray, here's a sequence of Drake Cutter taking advantage of the warm weather at Crotched Mountain.

Close Call, Lots of Falls Check out these bails from the Big Air and JITW's own Bryan Fusco demonstrating his ninja skills as he dodges what could have been a narsty impact.

Get to GG Mountains of Steez is on Feb 11th at Granite Gorge. We're gonna be there, you better be too. See ya then

Block Party! Crotched Mountain, this Saturday night, nuff said. Be there or be Josh.

I Got A Feeling It may finally be starting to feel like winter up here in NH, but down in CT it still feels like skate season. Here's Bryan's latest edit from back home, killin it as usual

MLK Day is Ride Day No work, no classes, we'll see you at Mount Snow. Filming the good times all day on Monday, make sure you're there.

Forgive the lack of info and the sloppiness, the site is literally just getting started. 

It's time we start getting more active, Jake Sebert holding down the fort at Mount Snow.

Tyler Redes keeping everything as it should be.

Oh captain, my captain

Sticker Time! We need stickers and we need them now!


Congrats to Tyler Redes! Props for taking 3rd in the Crotched Big Air and Style this past Saturday. Look for an edit to come in the near future.

Crotched Block Party Fun times with the JITW crew at the Block Party event and hitting the setup afterwards.

Double Days at Granite Gorge Two days, two rails, completely slaying it.Riders:Drake Cutter, Mitch Reynolds, Ryan Anderson, Tanner Bearson, Tyler Redes, Marc Edwards

 Backyard setups are wit it if you don't have one, we suggest you fix that. Get on it!

Drake Cutter doesn't even need to leave home to get dangerous

Starting the New Year on the right foot at Crotched Mountain Featuring: Emerson Doty, Mitch Reynolds, Spenser Cook, Nate Woodsum, Mikey Lundsted, Isaac Battaglia, Isaac Clancy, Alex Joch

Look forward to the new edit coming out in the next week or two. JITW was reppin Mount Snow hard this past week. Screen grabs to the left are a preview of whats to come.

Flash Backs  We finally got some snow on the ground, looking forward to the 2012 Monster Air at Granite Gorge. Until then here's our video from last year.

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